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 The technology that’s replacing the green screen Vox
vor 5 Monaten
The green screen is a Hollywood staple. Should it be Its easy to complain about overreliance on special effects but for projects ...
 Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines Vox
vor 3 Wochen
What a vaccines efficacy rate actually means. Sign up for our newsletter: http://www. vox.com /video-newsletter In the US the first ...
 Two theories for an unsolved Soviet mystery Vox
vor 6 Tagen
What killed 9 hikers in 1959 Sign up for our newsletter: http://www. vox.com /video-newsletter In February 1959 a group of ...
 The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice Vox
vor 1 Jahr
This isnt just a computer bug. Its a scandal. Join the Video Lab http://bit.ly/video-lab Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the ...
 How IKEA gets you to impulsively buy more Vox
vor 2 Jahren
IKEA has mastered the Gruen effect. Subscribe to our channel http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Researchers estimate that 50 percent of ...
 Neo-Nazis explain why they like Donald Trump Vox
vor 4 Jahren
Four days before the US presidential election white supremacists gathered for a rally in Pennsylvania. Subscribe to our channel
 The problem with banning TikTok Vox
vor 7 Monaten
TikToks in trouble. But so is the internet as we know it. Join the Open Sourced Reporting Network: ...
 Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump Vox
vor 4 Jahren
The obscure research that predicted Donald Trump. For more read Amanda Taubs feature The rise of American ...
 Why Turkey is invading Syria Vox
vor 1 Jahr
and how its getting what it wanted. On Oct. 9 2019 Turkey launched an attack in northeastern Syria. Turkey made the move ...
 Why ships used this camouflage in World War I Vox
vor 3 Jahren
Dazzle camouflage was fantastically weird. It was also surprisingly smart. WWII saw another kind of strange history unfold: a ...
 Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare Vox
vor 4 Jahren
Accio Harry Potter translations Translating the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling in over 60 languages around the world ...
 Vox.com | Ezra Klein | Talks at Google Talks at Google
vor 6 Jahren
Ezra Klein Editor in-Chief for Vox.com comes to Google to discuss the intersection of technology and news. If news stories were ...
 Vox REACTS to comments😱😱😱 (5 million subs THANK YOU video!!!) (NOT clickbait) Vox
vor 2 Jahren
To Vox fans around the world: Thank you we love you And we love your comments too. We want to hear from you Give us your ...
 Vox.com on how a 1980's hip-hop beat can be traced back to 1910 | Code 2018 Recode
vor 2 Jahren
Estelle Caswell the senior video producer for Vox.com presented at the 2018 Code Conference about how she found a pattern in ...
 Why Israelis and Palestinians both claim Jerusalem Vox
vor 2 Jahren
The U.S. embassy to Israel has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Heres how this sacred city factors into a conflict 70 years old.