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white officers

 Idaho cop mocks LeBron James in TikTok video KTVB
vor 1 Woche
We spoke with Nate Silvester to find out why he made the 60-second video. Silvester told KTVB that the officer involved in MaKhia ...
 Watch: 4 black officers held at gunpoint by white cops CNN
vor 5 Jahren
CNNs Jason Carroll reports on a group of parole officers who allege they were racially profiled by police
 Black woman sues white police officers over alleged assault CBS This Morning
vor 11 Monaten
A 68-year-old black woman is suing four white police
 White police officer stuns unarmed black man and is charged with assault and battery The Telegraph
vor 10 Monaten
A police officer who struck a man with a stun gun twice despite attempts by other police
 Suit: Only white officers allowed to guard Chauvin Associated Press
vor 2 Monaten
Eight Minnesota jail guards who were barred from working where a former Minneapolis police officer was held after his arrest in ...
 Police officers attacked by crowds at illegal White City music event Guardian News
vor 10 Monaten
Footage on social media shows police officers being pelted with objects forcing the
 Officer White GitUp Challenge Fuzz 140
vor 1 Jahr
Finally got around to making this video. Was more fun than I thought it would be. Good vibes and have an awesome day. Credit to ...
 Police bodycam video shows knife-wielding man charge and attacks officer after being shot 11Alive
vor 1 Jahr
The video is one of two showing an Athens officer being attacked by a knife-wielding man after he had already been shot.
 Amvid: White police officer shoots dead unarmed black man euronews (in English)
vor 6 Jahren
The FBI and the US Justice Department have launched an investigation into the murder of a black man by a white policeman in ...
 Suit: Only white officers allowed to guard Chauvin BreakingOne
vor 2 Monaten
Eight Minnesota jail guards who were barred from working on the floor where a former Minneapolis police officer was initially held ...
 GPD Officer Responds to Loud Basketball Complaint Gainesville Police Department
vor 5 Jahren
Officer White was recently dispatched to a call of kids playing basketball loudly in the streets. If its ok...we are going to focus on ...
 US police officer charged with murder over shooting of unarmed black man - BBC News BBC News
vor 10 Monaten
Rayshard Brooks was shot twice in the back as he fled from two white officers in a car park in Atlanta. Garrett Rolfe who was ...
 Ein Gespräch mit der Polizei - Unbequeme Gespräche mit einem Black Man Ep. 9 Emmanuel Acho
vor 6 Monaten
Emmanuel Acho setzt sich mit Polizisten der Petaluma-Polizeibehörde in Petaluma CA zusammen. Sie diskutieren polarisierende ...
 'You're A Murderer': Officer Keeps His Cool With Angry Woman At Traffic Stop TheDC Shorts
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A woman who says she is a teacher berates an officer and tells him that hell never be
 WATCH: Police Pull Guns On Afro-Latino Army Officer In Traffic Stop | NBC News NBC News
vor 3 Wochen
U.S. Army Lt. Caron Nazario told Windsor City Police he was honestly afraid to get out of his vehicle in videos of the incident ...
 First he made sure they were safe, then this police officer laid down to play dolls with these girls WTVR CBS 6
vor 2 Jahren
Gotham has Batman. Metropolis has Superman. Wakanda has Black Panther. And South Hill Virginia has C.B. Fleming.
 Tulsa Police footage shows shooting of two officers tulsaworld
vor 7 Monaten
A June 29 traffic stop with David Anthony Ware resulted in an altercation in which two Tulsa Police officers were shot one fatally.